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5 Ways to Power Up Your Presentations

Ever had a bunch of work stuff to do and then school is cancelled? You have to either change your plans or try and work from home and multi-task to get stuff done. Well here in frigid Minneapolis that very thing happened today so I am juggling work stuff and a chatty kid who won’t […]

What’s Your Secret Business Superpower?

You ever find yourself feeling anxious or agitated for no reason? (Or for lots of reasons?) Yah me either! Oh wait – me too! Despite being a keynote speaker who teaches teams how to be aware of triggers and energizers to boost confidence and power for real growth at work and personally, I am guilty […]

Networking Isn’t a 4-Letter Word

Every time you leave the house there is potential for profitable connections. The person behind you at the coffee shop could be your next big client. The guy you meet at a cocktail party might be your perfect referral partner. The woman you run into at the library might be your next perfect hire. You […]

#42: How to Be a Profitable Networker

PODCAST EPISODE – How to Be a Profitable Networker Networking can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. Without a purpose and a plan, even those who describe themselves as social or extroverted can face difficulties when thrust into networking situations while those who are shy or see themselves as introverts can struggle even more. When you […]

#41: 3 Ways to Be an Indispensable Salesperson

PODCAST EPISODE – 3 Ways to Be an Indispensable Salesperson When you’re an indispensable partner to your prospects and clients, you will sell more, get more referrals, and amplify your reputation as THE go-to thought leader in your industry. In this episode you will learn how to reduce buyer stress and three ways you can […]

#40: How Real Insights Help You Lead, Sell, & Grow

PODCAST EPISODE – Using Real Insights to Drive Sales, Leadership, & Growth When you have to make decisions for yourself or help clients, colleagues, or prospects make decisions, it’s critical that you dig deeper. In this episode we will talk about how to use the “here’s what, so what, now what, then what” framework to […]

#39: Where are YOU on the Spectrum of Awesome?

PODCAST EPISODE – Where are YOU on the Spectrum of Awesome? Your behaviors and mood impact your own performance and how others perceive you as a leader. Learn three ways to get clear on where you’re at on the spectrum of awesome so you can lead stronger, sell more, and perform better at work and […]

#28: Stress Less for Sales Success

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on iTunes    SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on Stitcher Listen Now! WHAT’S ON TAP? No matter what industry you work in, what level of job you have or what product or service your company offers, you must sell yourself to be a successful salesperson. In this episode of The Happy Hour Effect podcast, […]

#14: Direct Sales Secrets

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on iTunes    Listen Now! WHAT’S ON TAP? Direct selling gets a bad name sometimes but it is an amazing industry filled with committed and successful entrepreneurs who are creating lives they love. But it’s also a high-turnover industry with people trying it, getting frustrated and abandoning their businesses. Why? Many […]

HHE #7: Is Your Personal Brand Killing Your Career?

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE on iTunes    CLICK HERE TO WIN PRIZES JUST FOR LISTENING! Listen Now! WHAT’S ON TAP? We all know that crabby-pants person we try to avoid. Chances are YOU have been that person a time or two in your life too. The ways we behave, look and sound impact how others perceive us […]