All program content and sub-titles are customized to your audience needs, event theme, industry, and research trends.
Plus they can be done live in-person, virtually as a live webinar, or pre-recorded as an on-demand video session.
Charged Leadership – Ignite your power to lead and live with purpose.
The Happy Hour Effect – Recognize your inner programming for growth.
The Spectrum of Awesome – Create a powerful brand presence.
Conference Yoga – Recharge and detox with easy but powerful sessions.

Kristen spoke at our worksite about the hot topic of stress and work/life balance. Armed with real-life experience and an appreciated sense of humor, Kristen guided us through the effects that stress has on the body as well as our relationships with and well-being of our co-workers, family members and friends. We came away with a new perspective on stress along with realistic, effective action items to apply to combat stress at work and at home. The employees really enjoyed the presentation and found tremendous value in it. As far as employee wellness, Kristen is a great investment!
Jina SchaeferCargill

Fees: Kristen is a full-time, highly-experienced, professional speaker who has extensive credentials, 20+ years of experience, and testimonials from high-caliber clients backing her work. Due to this she is not an unpaid speaker and believes in equitable pay for value and time provided. Programs typcially range from $5,000-20,000 and may be less or more depending on monetary and non-monetary elements included in the overall package. Read her article here on why we should all be paid fairly and Speaker Pay Equity.