For Meeting Planners

Already booked Kristen and looking for promotion and logistics info?

A/V Needs: Kristen requires a HANDHELD CORDLESS microphone. She does NOT use PowerPoint and instead uses the audience to tell stories, demonstrate visuals, and engage their minds. A CORDLESS handheld microphone is also preferred for audience interaction. She does NOT require an internet connection.

Stage: Kristen prefers a large, elevated, well-lit stage free from tables, chairs, stands, etc. She does NOT use a podium or other furniture so please ensure the stage is free of tables, chairs, and/or a podium. She often leaves the stage area to interact with the audience. Please have a bottle of water available on a table set discreetly on the edge or next to the stage.

Arrival: Kristen will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to presentation start time to test A/V and ensure any handouts are distributed unless we discuss other arrangements.

Book Signing: If you would like to purchase books for your attendees to further Kristen’s message beyond the event, please have a display table set up at the back of the room where attendees can meet her or have their book signed or coordinate with a sponsor for Kristen to sign at their booth to drive traffic there.

Photos & Video: Event may not be recorded without permission. Photographs, audio recording and/or videotaping must be approved by Kristen Brown and all copies provided to her.