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The checklist below will give you all the information you need to prepare for your event.

Pre-Event Questionnaire

Please complete the Pre-Event Questionnaire. This quick survey ensures we have all the logistics, timing, and program development questions answered to save us both a lot of time and stress.

Welcome Guide

Please download the Welcome Guide and Kristen's Bio, Headshot, and Stage Introduction. Kristen will email you your customized title/description and welcome video for you to use in promotions and marketing.

Pre-Event Communication

Kristen will stay in touch with you throughout the time leading up to your event to ensure you have her PPT, travel schedule, handout, and any other things you need.

Reach out any time with questions.  Email ( or Call/Text (612-618-1808)


Want to add on any of these extras? Just let Kristen know and we will get it arranged.

Future Events

When you start planning your event for next year, Kristen’s got you covered!

She can do a part 2 to keep the energy going or do a completely new topic for the group!

Lock her in for next year at this year’s rate!