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#42: How to Be a Profitable Networker

PODCAST EPISODE – How to Be a Profitable Networker

The Happy Hour Effect Podcast

Networking can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating. Without a purpose and a plan, even those who describe themselves as social or extroverted can face difficulties when thrust into networking situations while those who are shy or see themselves as introverts can struggle even more. When you know your goals, how to position yourself, and what to say to new contacts, you can go into networking situations more confidently, leave a lasting impression, and create deeper connections that can elevate your personal and professional network. This will lead to more credibility as a leader and many more sales opportunities to drive the bottom line.



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Here are four tips to help you network more effectively and take advantage of your new connections:

  1. Know why you are attending and who you want to meet BEFORE an event so you prepare effectively.
  2. Showcase your best assets so you create meaningful connections with others outside your current circle.
  3. Do the right things and ask the right questions to be more engaging and memorable.
  4. Have a follow-up strategy so your new connections and opportunities aren’t lost.

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