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Kristen Brown

Energy Experiences

Kristen creates the

For Your Event

Every Energy Experience is a truly unique, fun, and interactive keynote program that turns on and turns up your seven Success Energy Centers right there in the room AND gives you action steps for after you leave to drive flow, growth, and momentum.

The 7 Success Energy Centers can be used to bring flow and clarity to any issue or situation where you feel stuck or stalled out. They can be used for leadership, sales, goals, stress, communication, and more.

As you learn about and unblock the energy centers through Kristen’s interactive and gamified Energy Experience you will get you unstuck and back on the right track…and excited for what’s next!

Each Energy Experience is customized to your audience needs, event theme, industry dynamics, and research trends.

Energy Experiences can be crafted to run 30 minutes on up to three days and can be delivered in-person, virtually, or pre-recorded to work with your event and group needs.

leadership & Management

The Energy Experience for Leaders

Sales &
Customer Service

The Energy Experience for Sales

marketing, Creativity, & innovation

The Energy Experience for Creatives

productivity &

The Energy Experience for Goal-Getters

culture & retention

The Energy Experience for Workplace Culture

stress, resilience,
& Burnout

The Energy Experience for Stress

Energizing Breakout Sessions

The Happy Hour Effect

Learn about and apply Kristen’s researched framework that brings out your best traits that arise during happy hour (unrelated to drinking). Tap into Peace, Passion, Productivity, People, and Presence for impact and productivity in work and life.

Energize Your Presentations

Uplevel your speeches and presentations so you deliver more impact and influence on your colleagues and clients. Learn about the 5 Ms of a powerful presentation: Motivation, Message, Memorability, Meaning, and Momentum. 

The Spectrum of Awesome

Showcase your best assets and help your team and clients showcase theirs to drive growth, connection, and presence. You will use the 0-100% scale of awesomeness to identify when, where, and with whom you need to be your best for impact.

Map Your Mission

Create a vision and plan for your future or a specific goal or project. You will tap into your energy to ensure you are doing the right things for the right reasons at the right time with the right people on board for success and ease on your path.

Difficult vs. Different

When we struggle with people at work it is often a matter of differences not difficulties. Learn to bridge the gap with people who aren’t like you, don’t like you, or you don’t like with powerful energy hacks for connection, communication, and relationships.



In addition to Kristen’s engaging, high-energy, and actionable speaking programs, you can add on any or all of the following to create a holistic, memorable experience for your audience.

Adding pre-, during-, and post-event options that create consistency, motivation, inspiration, and accountability for the attendees drives attendance, audience buzz, social media activity, sponsor engagement, and repeat attendance.