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Kristen is not your normal talking head keynoter! She delivers fun, researched, and interactive keynote programs that turn on and turn up your seven ENERGY CENTERS right there in the room AND give you action steps after you leave to drive leadership, flow, growth, and momentum.

As you dig deep into your mind and habits during Kristen’s interactive and gamified programs, you will get unstuck and back on the right track…and own THE ENERGY OF LEADERSHIP!

Your keynote is customized to your audience demographics, event theme, industry dynamics, and research trends. It can be crafted to run 30 minutes up to a full day and can be delivered in-person, virtually, or pre-recorded.

Keynote program

The 7 Energies of Leadership

Are you ready to rethink and reinvent leadership as you know it? It begins within!

This isn’t your typical leadership talk…it’s a transformative energy experience for smart professionals like you who want to rise above the ordinary and make a significant impact in their work and life regardless of your job role or title. It’s a customized session tailored to your group that mixes data and insight with fun and enlightenment. Just bring your enthusiasm and Kristen will handle the rest! Energy Bingo anyone?! How about Difficult People Roulette? And we can even identify your biggest triggers through your Energy Map!

So What is The 7 Energies of Leadership About?
There are seven energy centers that fuel your inner fire and create a framework for awareness, growth, and impact. Vision Energy provides direction, Strategy Energy lays out your path, Communication Energy bridges gaps, Relationship Energy creates a strong network, Confidence Energy celebrates your superpowers, Creativity Energy brings innovation, and Motivation Energy drives you forward. To become a holistic and memorable leader, you need to turn on and turn up each Energy Center to create high flow in yourself, deep resilience in your team, and remarkable results for your organization and in your life.

What Awaits You:

  • Dive into the seven energies of leadership, realizing how self-leadership and resilience are the engines propelling great leaders in any job roles or level.

  • Engage in fresh and fun activities that are as thought-provoking as they are actionable. You won’t just gain insights; you’ll acquire relevant and immediate strategies and do them right there in the room.

  • Revel in the energy of the group! From shared wisdom and stories to bursts of inspiration and lots of laughter, this session is designed to supercharge the power within you!

And for the encore…

Don’t miss out on the post-event Momentum Video and Energy Hack Packs for every attendee. They’re essential for your leadership toolkit!

You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the seven energies that drive you internally and the meaningful impact that creates externally on your colleagues, clients, loved ones, and the world.

That is The Energy of Leadership!

Other Topics

Unleash Your Energy Phoenix

Deep inside you is the essential power to rise from any challenge at work and at home. During this interactive session you will dive deep into this realm of resilience and mental health, showing you how to arise from big and small stressors that take you down and often keep you stuck. Don’t miss out on this engaging journey of self-discovery and transformation woven with stories from Kristen’s own wild journey through change and challenge. Your Energy Phoenix is waiting to rise!

Mine Your Mind

Let’s go on a mind-expanding journey to drive innovation and creativity! We will dive deep into the energy to equip you with the tools to unlock your untapped potential and drive groundbreaking ideas in your company’s products, services, messaging, and customer experience. Through engaging exercises, we’ll guide you in unleashing your creative energy, overcoming mental blocks, and fostering a culture of imagination and innovation. 


Let’s restore your energy and get charged up! You are a superstar, a hero, a rockstar who has navigated so much as the new realities of work and life have created stress, change, and burnout. Now let’s take extra care of YOU so you can charge ahead with power, resilience, and positivity! You will unblock your best self with ideas to renew your engagement, reconnect with your power tribe, and recharge your body and mind.

Energize Your Presentations

Let’s supercharge your presentations and captivate any audience! We will uncover ways to create engaging and entertaining messages that will have your audience paying attention, learning, laughing, and taking action. You’ll discover the power of the 5 Ms of Motivation, Message, Meaning, Memorability, and Momentum so you know how to motivate your audience, craft a compelling message, deliver meaning that resonates, create memorable moments, and build momentum for action.

Vanquish the Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires are all around you waiting to drain you dry. Learn ways to interact with these challenging people, establish healthy boundaries, and manage human triggers so you are empowered and ready to take charge of your mood and attitude rather than letting others impact your day. You’ll learn how to identify and neutralize energy-draining individuals, set assertive boundaries to protect your well-being, and develop resilience in the face of challenging interactions.

Spark Up Your Sales

Supercharge your sales with a fresh perspective on selling energy! You will dive deep into the art of effective selling by not only understanding when your product is hot and ready for the market, but also recognizing when your customer is hot and ready to buy.  Through relevant stories and engaging exercises, we’ll show you how to identify buying signals and roadblocks, connect authentically with customers, and create irresistible energy that leaves them wanting more.



In addition to Kristen’s engaging, high-energy, and actionable speaking programs, you can add on any or all of the following to create a holistic, memorable experience for your audience.

Adding pre-, during-, and post-event options that create consistency, motivation, inspiration, and accountability for the attendees drives attendance, audience buzz, social media activity, sponsor engagement, and repeat attendance.