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Kristen Brown is a HIGH-ENERGY, FUNNY, AND RELEVANT energy mastery expert and biohacker who CHARGES UP all dimensions of you and your team so you can LEAD and LIVE with POWER AND IMPACT.

She empowers you with REAL ACTION STEPS to rise during stress and keep growing during good times so you have the INFLUENCE, IMPACT, AND FULFILLMENT you want to haveā€¦NO MATTER WHAT.

Plus her personal experiences and ENTERTAINING STORIES from her wild ride as a young widowed mom who really did spin stress into success makes her a RELATABLE and FUN personality who connects easily with diverse audiences.

You will unblock your best self to translate SOFT SKILLS INTO SOLID RESULTS for you, your team, and your company!

Kristen gives the audience Powershots – things they can do right NOW to make an impact!

She is an experienced 15+ year business leader AND a certified yoga teacher, energy healer, and holistic health coach who understands how work and life create SYNERGY or STRESS!

External growth and impact is an internal job! Kristen can help you and your team make it happen with her Powershots and insightful ideas!