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Kristen Brown is a HIGH-ENERGY, FUNNY, AND RELEVANT dynamo who CHARGES UP all dimensions of you and your team so you can LEAD, SELL, AND LIVE with POWER AND IMPACT.

She empowers you to rise during stress and keep growing during good times so you have the INFLUENCE, IMPACT, AND FULFILLMENT you want to have as a leader and human being…NO MATTER WHAT.

Kristen’s extensive corporate background working with some of the biggest brands on the planet along with her multiple degrees and certifications around decision-making and holistic perspectives give her deep insight into what it takes to be an energized high-performer.

Plus her personal experiences as a young widowed mom during the economic crash in a high-pressure leadership role make her a relatable personality who connects easily with diverse audiences.

You will translate SOFT SKILLS INTO SOLID RESULTS for you, your team, and your company through Kristen’s keynote speaking programs, VIRTUAL trainings, and her insightful consulting and 1-on-1 work.