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Kristen Brown
Keynote Speaker
Bestselling Author
Emcee Extraordinaire
Energy Mastery Expert
Widowed Mom
15+ Year Corporate Leader
Resilience Expert
Podcast Host
Media Contributor
CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)


I'm Kristen!

I know firsthand what it’s like to hit rock bottom (a lot of times!) and how to rebound by shifting energy on-the-fly to get back on track when it feels like work and life keep throwing out one big roadblock after another…

And I know how to help others get back on the right track, uplevel their resilience and mental health, and feel excited about what’s next too!

I use my experiences to inspire and engage and never depress or demoralize. As a widowed mom, former corporate stress monster, solo parent juggling multiple duties as a business owner, navigating financial rollercoasters, and managing my daughter’s major health scare, I know what it takes to be resilient when life deals you a crappy hand.

That’s why I share Energy Hacks on stage, online, and in the media to uplevel your resilience and results. This is how I have survived some of life’s worst challenges and how I help you re-engage with your goals, create positive growth, and spark forward momentum when you’re taken down too.

Plus I have a long and deep history of speaking and research both back in my corporate days and today as a Certified Speaking Professional. There are only a few hundred speakers with this CSP designation showing the commitment to delivering your group an engaging, entertaining, and relevant experience. 

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