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Whether you use Kristen as an interim Chief People or Wellness Officer for your company or tap into her deep knowledge as a consulting partner for your project or event, she can help you think differently and drive growth.

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If your team isn’t charged up in all dimensions of their lives they will struggle with creativity, engagement, innovation, and performance at work – and that will impact your bottom line. namaSync™ Workplace Zen is a holistic consulting and training approach to employee development and organizational culture that will power up your team’s growth and the company’s bottom line. You can tap into Kristen’s speaking and training programs for your team or create a comprehensive experience for employee wellness, leadership development, and creating a culture that drives bottom-line growth.

The best conferences and meetings create an engaging, fun, and high-energy experience that feels 100% customized and relevant for the attendees. Yet many fall flat because attendees on a rollercoaster of physical, mental, and emotional demands like excited, tired, hungover, overloaded, nervous, and a million other emotions experienced by travelers and conference attendees. Plus most of the time the agenda, theme, networking, content, promotion, and overall feel of the event aren’t thoughtfully and strategically mapped out to create an engaging and memorable experience. This leads to challenges with attendance, marketing, repeat attendance, and buzz. namaSync™ Audience Wellness programs provide things like yoga, hydration, meditation, session summaries, and more.  namaSync™ Event Experience consulting digs into your event or meeting plan to ensure it dazzles the audience, keeps them energized and engaged, and drives growth and repeat and attendance. CLICK HERE for the Audience Wellness Sheet.

Every professional needs to have a powerful presence whether they present to large groups, lead a team, sell a product or service, or simply have to interact with any other human being ever. Yet most organizations don’t provide the presentation skills and presence-building training that can take a sales meeting, speech, or communication dynamic between colleagues to the next level. With namaSync™ Speak & Flow we empower your team to showcase their best assets for success. 

Yoga is more than physical poses. The body/mind/spirit power that yoga creates can help to elevate strategic thinking, minimize stress, boost clarity and focus, and develop leaders into energetic, creative powerhouses who show up as their best every day. Kristen can come to your site and provide ongoing namaSync™ yoga classes and series focusing on the needs of your team. You can also join as a namaSync™ member so your employees get to have unlimited access to Kristen’s classes and events on-site or online. She can also create custom retreats or bootcamps combining elements that your team needs for growth. LEARN MORE HERE

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Kristen presented and led the Life Mapping activity at Torch Community’s inaugural Health & Wellness event for Twin Cities Young Professionals. Kristen’s content and exercises on minimizing stress were tremendously educational and engaging. Kristen is easy to work with and incredibly knowledgeable – and able to deliver that knowledge to a diverse audience. I would recommend Kristen for any type of group and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Andrea MacArtherTorch Community