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The harsh reality is that most emcees are ineffective, and inexperienced. This leads to poor audience and sponsor engagement, bored and disengaged attendees, and an event that doesn’t run smoothly. This will hurt your event experience, destroy audience satisfaction, and impact attendance at future events.
Luckily Kristen is your energetic emcee extraordinaire who can take your event from average to amazing!


“As an emcee, Kristen Brown always brings to the stage positive and energetic vibes. During our Annual Event, she was able to read our group which set the tone for the entire event that day. She started the day off by warming up our crowd to prepare them for the day’s program, she was able to transition smoothly between each segment and she always kept us on schedule. She was a fantastic emcee and our group loved her.”

~Executive Director for Chamber of Commerce

Benefits of hiring a professional emcee

Free up your leaders and committee members from doing it so they can focus on networking and logistics.

Give relevance to each session’s content and ensure they tie to the event theme, industry trends and audience goals.

Bring energy and cohesiveness to your event experience so attendees feel excited and engaged in the content.

Ensure everyone leaves with clear and relevant action steps to grow themselves and their teams personally and professionally.

Create a fun and entertaining event vibe that makes attendees laugh, think, and shift their body, mind, and spirit at work and home.

fave Emcee

This is a sample of some of Kristen’s emcee clients. Talk to her for more.

  • Marco 

  • Shakopee Chamber of Commerce

  • Minnesota Business Magazine

  • HopeFest Music Festival

  • Vye Agency

  • D2 Summit

  • Many More

Kristen's WOW Factor

Here are a few more things that make Kristen a highly-qualified energetic emcee who can think on her feet to ensure your event is fun, relevant, and engaging:

  • Top-Ranked Podcast Host 

  • Frequent Media Guest

  • Improv and Stand-up Comedy Training

  • Keynote Speaker Across Industries

  • Former Corporate Leader

  • Market Researcher