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Align your speaking message to create powerful connection with your audience and deep resonance with your GOALS, INCOME, and FLOW!

Whether you’re new to speaking, speak for your workplace, or you’re an experienced professional speaker, you will gain deep insight and connection to your message and path forward. You will learn to:

  • Tap into the 7 Energies of Speaker Success…Vision, Strategy, Communication, Relationships, Confidence, Creativity, and Motivation. They build a business and message aligned to your goals and talents.

  • Develop a clear and compelling speaker brand that aligns with your superpowers and resonates with your right audience.

  • Create a business and income model that supports your vision, income goals, and values.

  • Master stage dynamics to engage your audience with passion and purpose.

  • Position yourself as a credible and impactful expert that meeting planners and audiences love.

  • So much more! The journey is customized to YOU!

Why Do You Need a Speaker coach?

Build a solid reputation as a  thought leader in your industry and/or role model in your  organization.

Drive deeper reflection and specific applicability to your attendees’ individual job roles and tasks.

Take your basic presentation, mediocre message, and/or flat delivery from average to amazing!

Motivate your audience to pay attention, remember you, and apply what they learn after the event is over.

Bring fun and energy to your group so they aren’t bored or tuned out…which means they are listening and growing.

Create WOW presentations that are more engaging and entertaining for the audience which drives action.

We can work together to energize your speaking message, presentations, income, or business in multiple ways.

The Aligned Presenter:

Individual advisory to uplevel your presentation impact and thought leadership as a speaker and expert. We will customize your program to what you need to build, launch, or uplevel your speaking business, hone your stagecraft, improve audience engagement, skyrocket your message’s impact, or any combination of speaking elements.


The Aligned Organization:

We will assess your team/organization’s presentation effectiveness and gaps in speaking impact in your company or industry. Once we identify the level of need to create impactful presentations within your organization, we will go ahead and define the scope of work. This might include speech creation, delivery skills, leadership speaker impact, sponsorship analysis, event/meeting experience, and more

Are you an energetically-aligned speaker?

Check out the infographic for just some of the critical elements you should be energizing to create a powerful speaking message and brand that drives audience impact.

All About

Kristen Brown

Keynote Speaker
Bestselling Author
Emcee Extraordinaire
Energy Mastery Expert
Widowed Mom

Life is a rollercoaster that can pull your focus from building your speaking business. But what if you could work with a Speaker Advisor who can infuse you with new ideas to energize your speaking even when you’re busy, stuck, or stressed?

You’re in luck because Kristen Brown, CSP is here to help you do just that.

She is one of only 360 active Certified Speaking Professionals in the world!

Kristen is a keynote speaker and bestselling author who speaks on The 7 Energies of Leadership for groups around the U.S. including General Mills, the MN Timberwolves, Boston Scientific (13 times), Rodan and Fields, associations around the U.S. and more.

She has been a member of the National Speakers Association for many years and has served on the NSA-MN chapter board, served as the chair of the NSA national Consultants Peg, contributed to the NSA magazine and podcast multiple times, and has presented sessions twice at Influence, NSA’s national annual conference.

Kristen spent 15 years in corporate leadership roles working with the biggest brands in the world before launching her speaking business (and she left and went back three times before going full time as a speaker ten years ago).

She is also a frequent media contributor who has given tips to CBS, Fox, CNN, ABC and more including a TV appearance where she ended up in bed with a Pro Football Hall of Famer with 3.5 million viewers watching, swapping stories with a senator on his radio show, and teaching a Minnesota Viking to play Twister on live TV.

Kristen’s biggest faults – she’s occasionally a know-it-all, frequent wine-o (that’s wine-o NOT whiner), and what she calls a “lazy workaholic.” Her favorite things – movies, summer, bacon, yoga, boating, naps, her Black lab, and most of all, her daughter, Brooke.

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Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to elevate their message, income, and impact as a speaker. We also focus on adding interactivity and engagement to your presentations and speeches. You might be a business owner who wants to add speaking as a stream of income or to bring in clients. You may be a corporate executive who presents to your team and you want to add more inspiration and actionability to your staff meetings. Maybe you’re a salesperson who wants to create more engaging and influential sales pitches to close more deals. You could be an aspiring leader who wants to show up in your industry with more powerful presentations and ideas. Or maybe you’re an aspiring or experienced speaker who wants to add more interactivity and delivery impact to your message and make more money with your expertise. Wherever you are on the speaking spectrum, we will energize your message and speaker brand to align with your goals and vision.

How much does it cost?

We will talk via phone or Zoom to determine your needs, budget, time availability, and scope of the work. Programs range from $2,500 to $40,000+ for corporate team engagements that train groups of employees. 

How does it work?

We discuss your needs to determine your areas of focus, program length, and payment terms. We can work together via Zoom or in-person.