• When you uplevel your Message, Memorability, and Momentum you will have more impact and influence as a leader, salesperson, and presenter. 
  • Partner with a Speaker Advisor who has the experience and education to create magic in your presentation. 
  • Kristen will help you energize your speech content, interactive elements, and delivery so you drive action in your attendees’ work and lives.

Why Do You Need a Speaker Advisor?

Build a solid reputation as a  thought leader in your industry and role model in your  workplace.

Drive deeper reflection and specific applicability to your attendees’ individual job roles and tasks.

Take your basic presentation, mediocre message, and/or flat delivery from average to amazing!

Motivate your audience to pay attention, remember you, and apply what they learn after the event is over.

Bring fun and energy to your group so they aren’t bored or tuned out…which means they are listening and growing.

Create WOW presentations that are more engaging and entertaining for the audience which drives action.

We can work together to energize your presentations in multiple ways.

Option #1: Single Zoom session to assess your presentation. We will brainstorm ideas to uplevel your impact.

Option #2: Six months to craft, deliver, measure, and refine your presentation. This will entail multiple meetings and video reviews.

Option #3: We will assess your team/organization’s presentation effectiveness and gaps. Once we identify the level of need in creating impactful presentations within your organization we will define the scope of work.