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What’s Your Secret Business Superpower?

You ever find yourself feeling anxious or agitated for no reason? (Or for lots of reasons?)

Yah me either! Oh wait – me too!

Despite being a keynote speaker who teaches teams how to be aware of triggers and energizers to boost confidence and power for real growth at work and personally, I am guilty of sometimes ignoring my own triggers and then finding myself in a tailspin of stress.
This weekend was the perfect example. After months on the road and lots of work, I was finally home and had time to relax and do some fun stuff too. But I also found myself a little cranky and under-the-weather which was making me feel a bunch of emotions from guilt to frustration to confusion over how to send my time for my best good.

So what did I do?

I knew it was time to practice what I preach and tap into my secret superpower! My science-loving nerd-side was ready for some good, old-fashioned endorphin boosts. When you laugh, smile, and feel good you release massive amounts of endorphins into your body and brain. These positivity chemicals naturally change your state to boost your mood, health, and confidence AND make you appear more awesome and confident to others. Endorphins really are your superpower because they can instantly change your mood, behavior, communication, and productivity.

These things create massive confidence that not only drives you to take action and feel great but it inspires others to trust you and want to buy into your ideas and hang out with you – and buy what you have to sell too.

Whether you want to be a stronger leader, sell more products or services, feel happier, have better relationships, or be more productive, you have the power to tap into your own confidence and change your state simply by using your own body chemistry.
The key is to find little ways to boost your endorphins throughout the day which in turn improves your mood, health, and the energy you put out to the world. Exercise, laughter, good conversation, sex, completing a project, doing a favorite hobby, playing with your pets, listening to pump-up music, being outside, singing, daydreaming – these all create endorphins which power up your confidence!
Talk to me? What can you do RIGHT NOW for a quick endorphin and confidence boost? How can you encourage your work team to infuse little endorphin-boosters into their day?

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