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3 Questions to Power Up Your Plans

In my work as a speaker and author (and because I’m a total data nerd who actually uses my even nerdier Master’s in Integral Theory) I do extensive research on human behavior and what drives results both at work and personally. When it comes to envisioning the future everyone can imagine...

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What’s Your Secret Business Superpower?

You ever find yourself feeling anxious or agitated for no reason? (Or for lots of reasons?) Yah me either! Oh wait - me too! Despite being a keynote speaker who teaches teams how to be aware of triggers and energizers to boost confidence and power for real growth at work and personally,...

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#15: 5 Ways to Get Motivated Fast

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on iTunes    SUBSCRIBE & LISTEN on Stitcher Listen Now! WHAT'S ON TAP? If you struggle with staying motivated sometimes, you're not alone. Everyone from entrepreneurs, stay-at-home-moms, 9-5ers and everything in between can suffer from the occasional (or often) state of frustration or laziness when overwhelmed, stressed or just plain uninspired. In...

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