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How a $185 Eye Cream Changed My Business

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La Mer Eye Cream
La Mer Eye Balm & Wand

Who would have thought that a tiny jar of overpriced eye cream would change the trajectory of my work and life!

I’ve been coveting the La Mer brand for years but $185 for a miniscule dollop of a beauty product just didn’t seem reasonable (or financially feasible). On a whim, I stopped by the La Mer counter at Nordstrom “just to sample.”

Twenty minutes and $185 dollars later I walked out with a teeny tiny bag holding my teeny tiny jar of La Mer eye cream – I mean – eye BALM. Why did I do it? And why did I not regret my purchase?

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Story = Sales

Seriously – why the heck did I suddenly decide to spend $185 on a jar of eye cream? I couldn’t afford it. I have other eye cream at home. I am not normally swayed by luxury brands.

And yet – I now own La Mer. Why?

It was all about the results. Not only do they promise some pretty amazing stuff through testimonials from regular folks, doctors and celebs but the sales rep also gave the research and STORY behind the product.

WHEN it was created.

WHAT is in it.

WHY it works.

HOW it works.

Whether you sell a product, service, book or your personal brand, the magic is in your story. Tell it well, tell it real and you will see an increase in engagement, sales and fulfillment.

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Small Steps to Big Goals

Let’s be clear. The La Mer rep told me the story of the brand but did NOT over-promise me instantly wrinkle-less eyes or magically erased undereye circles. She explained that this oh-so-tiny jar of cream – balm – would last six months and I would see gradual improvement over that time period. I did the math. $185 divided by 6 months = me struggling to do the math, is it $20-something? No – $30 something per month. Yes – $30 something per month. Now THAT seems reasonable for real, guaranteed results.

Plus I have two other pretty big goals I want to accomplish in six months besides less wrinkle-y eyes – one personal goal and one professional. Maybe this jar of eye cream could be my accountability partner! I’m an introvert so having a non-living thing to keep me on track seems brilliant!!

Yah – that’s it! That’s how I can justify this big ticket purchase! Every morning and every night when I’m using the magic silver wand to apply my eye balm I will be reminded of my other big goals – and remember that it requires small, daily effort to achieve big wins. So far it’s working like a charm!

I use the 90 seconds it takes to apply the balm every morning to set my intentions for the day. In the evening I use the 90 seconds to review if I fulfilled my mini goals for the day. I’m able to course-correct the next day if I fell short. But most days I’m not falling short and am seeing increases in my income as a result. The overpriced eye cream has paid for itself already – and THAT is how a $185 eye cream changed my business!

Now I’m not suggesting you go out and buy yourself an expensive beauty product to stay on track. But when you set goals, I do recommend you think small to achieve big. Use these criteria when setting a goal:

  • Gut-checked – it just feels right
  • Obtainable – it’s realistic
  • Actionable – you can make progress immediately 
  • Life-oriented – it fits your lifestyle needs right NOW
  • Small steps – the big goal can be broken down into teeny, tiny steps

The key is to not overwhelm yourself with big, life-altering plans that you can’t envision as part of your daily life. Instead, step back and honestly assess any changes you want to make and ensure they align with the above criteria. The goal should hit every one of the above before you move forward with a plan to make it happen.

How do you stay on track when going after a big dream or goal?


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