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votingOne of those ‘holy crap’ moments happened today. I found out I was chosen as a top 10 finalist out of hundreds of entries for Ali Brown’s “Entrepreneur to Watch” contest!

I was floored, astounded and so, so, so honored to be selected especially when I look at the other amazing women who are also in the top 10. I’m inspired daily by the entrepreneurs who I surround myself with both as colleagues and coaching clients. The growth of women-owned businesses is booming and it’s so inspiring to see so many following their dreams.

This contest will help me follow my dream in a bigger way too – and that dream is to help YOU follow YOURS! But I can’t do it alone. 

How Can You Help

Part of the judging process is voting. Between now and Sunday, August 11th, I need your support! If you could take 20 seconds each day to click on the link below I would really, really, really appreciate it. Just click the link and it will take you to Facebook where the voting is happening. After you click, just scroll down and click the five stars next to my profile! Easy!


I would really appreciate it if you would help me spread the word. My passion is helping others and winning this contest could really help me take my business to the next level so I can help even more people. Click here to Tweet this voting link. 

Following a Dream

If you don’t know who Ali Brown is, she is a women’s business mentor, coach and entrepreneur who has grown her business from nothing into a multi-million dollar company. She is one of Forbes’ “Women to Watch,” part of the Inc. 500 list and she has appeared on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire.” Plus as the new mom of twins, she really has her act together when it comes to work/life harmony – and you know how much I value that! Basically I want to be her!

As far as I’ve come in my career in the last four years, I have a long way to go in reaching the kind of success Ali has – and I know it’s possible. I’ve made a commitment to myself and my tribe that I will work tirelessly to bring my Happy Hour Effect message to the masses. My dream is to grow Happy Hour Effect into a company that changes millions of people’s lives. It’s all about paving the way and paying it forward to other entrepreneurs who have big dreams just like me!

Thank you for your help in making my dream a reality. I look forward to helping you live your dream too!


What’s your big dream? What’s stopping you from going out and getting it?

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