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Confessional – Life in the Basement

Dylan Home quoteIt’s done. After almost 10 years, I’ve purged, donated, sold and moved everything from my home so a new couple can take ownership. So where does that leave me?

My move hasn’t been a secret. If you follow me on social media it was hard to ignore my constant updates on the hassles of moving, headaches of real estate transactions and excitement over being home-free (literally and figuratively).

The big question everyone’s been asking has been:

“Where are you living now?”

Well – one good, but vague, answer is home is wherever Brooke and I are together living peacefully in health and happiness.  (cheesy but true)

Another answer is that we are in transition while I contemplate some big career and life decisions. (No – we aren’t living in my car.)

Another answer is that I’m taking some time to re-coup the financial loss I took on the house which was a decision I made to relieve myself of the stress of home ownership. I could afford the house, but I would rather take a temporary loss financially and be happy than suffer with the time, energy and money suck of home maintenance, bills and repairs over the long term.

But the real answer is…drumroll please…

We are living in my parents’ basement (happily) while I figure out the logistics of a big move out of state. And let me tell you…

Life in the basement is awesome.

chocolate drawer
My Dad’s Chocolate Drawer

Aside from the slight ego hit of living with my parents when I’m a fully functioning, money-earning adult, life in the basement is good! I haven’t felt this relaxed or happy in years. It’s like a giant, huge, heavy burden has been lifted off of me and I can breathe again. It’s like living in a little safe cocoon.

Plus – life in the basement is full of fun surprises around every corner. Here are just a few reasons life in the basement totally rocks:

  1. There is a chocolate drawer filled with my chocoholic dad’s treats.
  2. My bedroom wall has vintage snowshoes on the wall as decor.
  3. I also have eight antlers decorating my space.
  4. My mom is a good cook.
  5. Brooke loves being with her grandparents.
  6. It’s right by my favorite coffee joint/remote office.
  7. The basement is cool, dark and quiet – really like a safe, little cocoon for me to hide out in! (I’m an introvert and love quiet!)
  8. There’s a trombone. (enough said)
  9. There’s a bearskin rug. (again – enough said)
  10. My dad has a wine cellar I can raid whenever necessary.

So there you have it. The big question everyone’s been asking me for months is revealed and I’m loving it! (Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get more stories from my life in the basement.)

californiaBut this safe cocoon is only temporary.

My real goal is to move to southern California – a dream I’ve had for many years. Brooke is young enough now to go on an adventure like that while she’s still flexible and happy-go-lucky. When the pre-teen years set in, I don’t want to deal with the angst of a girl forced to move so my goal is to do it now to find out if it’s right for us or not.

Of course my family and in-laws aren’t happy and we will miss them too, but they also know for my own happiness that I have to try it. My heart and soul aren’t in Minnesota and I need to get out there and find my mojo again.

But it’s a big decision that requires a lot of reflection and planning when a kid and business are at stake. So, instead of committing to an apartment lease that would trap us again, we will for the next couple (or few) months hang in the basement while my dream takes shape and we’re ready to fly.

Have you ever had a transition stop between living situations? Where did you stay and what did you love/dislike about it?