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The Sticky Note Strategy

sticky noteI LOVE lists. I mean seriously, totally adore lists for work, home, brainstorming, writing, kid stuff, groceries – everything!

I think I like the simple beauty of a list – and add in sticky notes – seriously in overloaded mommy writer entrepreneur heaven!

When I heard about Megan Flatt’s upcoming free workshop, The Art of the Well-Crafted To-Do List, I was immediately intrigued and already hooked before I even knew what it was all about. And when she offered to write a blog post for my readers who I know are busy and have massive to-do lists like me, I said YES, YES, YES!

Check out Megan’s great article below and be sure to register for her free online workshop to get your own to-do lists under control. This is a MUST-ATTEND! Register for FREE here.

The Sticky Note Strategy

By Megan Flatt

I did EVERYTHING on my list yesterday.  That’s right, everything.

And at the end of the day, I felt SO good, I felt calm and was able to have a relaxing evening with my husband after the kids went to bed rather than scramble to get more done.

It feels good to feel productive, doesn’t it?

In fact, I recently surveyed a group of moms about what are the components of a great day, almost everyone replied, “feeling productive.”

So, what is my best productivity secret to have an awesome day like I did yesterday?

There were only 3 things on my list.

They were 3 really important things and I was able to buckle down and do them.

Today, however, I went back to my frantic to do list that had no less than 15 things on it.  I may have already done 3 things, yet I feel like an unproductive failure….hum.

Isn’t interesting how our perception really changes how we feel about ourselves?

So, I really stopped and asked myself; what feeling do I like better.

The feeling of accomplished calm after finishing a realistic amount of tasks, armed with the knowledge that I AM moving forward, even if it takes me a little longer to get there.  OR the frantic “never enough” feeling of still having a list a mile long no matter how many things I did and not being really sure if I am moving forward or not??

Um…I’ll take the first.

The Sticky Note Strategy

When it comes to your daily to do list, only commit to doing as many task as will fit on a Sticky Note, between three and five things.  Make sure these are the big-ticket items, the most important things you need to get done on any given day.  And make sure at least one of them is just for you, something that moves you towards YOUR goals and dreams.

Having them all in one central spot, like a sticky note, will help you focus on getting them done.

What About Everything Else?

I love a big master list.

The problem with only keeping one big to do lists is we still have trouble getting anything done, because we are not sure where to start. With so many tasks to choose from, you start to feel overwhelmed, like there is no way you’ll get everything on your list done.

The Too Much To-Do List: Panic-then-Freeze Factor

You might open a document you are trying to edit, then get up to throw in a load of laundry, while figuring out what birthday present to order off Amazon from your phone in the laundry room. The time drifts by and you haven’t actually crossed anything off your list.

Eventually you are so frazzled you sit down on the couch and put on a DVR’d episode of Vampire Diaries (that’s not just me, right?)

Crazy long to-do list are almost as bad as no to-do list at all, either way you actually end up spending more time dabbling then actually getting things done.

You need both!

I keep a big master list of everything I have to do, separated by project or area of my life. I also break projects down into their individual tasks and assign a time to each task so I have a better idea of exactly what will fit onto my sticky note, depending on how much time I have.

Amp Your Accomplishment Factor

The second benefit of the Sticky Note Strategy is the sense of accomplishment it allows you to feel.  These things, or the pieces of things, on your sticky note make you feel empowered and successful.  So, not only do you get things done, but you build momentum too.

Momentum from your smaller projects helps give you the confidence and know-how to tackle larger projects, go after goals and pursue passions. Click here to Tweet this quote. 

And those sound like the components of a pretty great day too.

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All About Megan:

Megan Flatt
Megan Flatt

Megan Flatt is a Mama Strategist and a wellness expert. She helps busy moms rediscover what fulfills them, and then find the time and energy to pursue that passion…without the guilt! She believes as moms, we can give our kids the world, without giving up our own.  She loves vanilla lattes, her iPhone, and books meant for 13-year-old girls. Megan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two amazing kids and her awesome husband. You can learn more about her at www.meganflatt.com or join the conversation on Facebook (facebook.com/meganflattpage).


What is your best to-do list strategy? Which of Megan’s tips could help you tackle your tasks?