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21 Ways to Survive a Stressful Workday

Work Stress

Ever have a bad day at work? Yah – you, me and the rest of the world!

Here are 21 ways to survive on-the-job stress. Click here for 4 more tools to ignite your work and life.

  1. Get the “bad stuff” done first.  The more you procrastinate, the worse those negative tasks will seem.
  2. Send a note to your personal email from your work email with a motivational or relaxing message to open later that night from home.
  3. Go outside and do something non-work related and absorb some sunshine.
  4. Write a motivational motto to get you through each day – even if it’s a countdown to the end of the day, it will keep your brain moving along.
  5. Have photos of your family and friends around to remind you of the important things in your life.  Don’t be an island alone.
  6. If you can, light a candle or spritz some aromatherapy spray or oil to boost your mood.
  7. Put fun things on your calendar so you have something to look forward to each weekend.
  8. Take a quick break and look at vacation destinations. Remind yourself that by working you’re giving yourself the opportunity for travel.
  9. Have a plant or two in your work space.
  10. Pack a yummy lunch or snack each day.
  11. Click to Tweet this article. It feels empowering and you’ll be helping others which is an instant stress buster!
  12. Do a quick crossword or puzzle to stimulate your brain.
  13. During breaks, read a book you love.
  14. Subscribe to online motivational emails.
  15. Listen to your favorite music while you work.
  16. Shut off your phone and close your email for just 10 minutes periodically throughout the day.  Try to extend the length of “unplugged” time every week.
  17. Do desk stretches and aerobics to keep yourself energized.
  18. Take a walk.
  19. Plan a happy hour with a friend or co-worker.
  20. If you need to vent or feel stressed, keep yourself professional and find a place to let out your emotions – in your car, on paper or to a trusted friend. Keep it behind closed doors so you don’t drag others down with you.
  21. Remember it’s just a job, not your life.  Perspective can be a lifesaver on difficult days. It’s business, not personal!

What is your favorite work stress buster?