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Why an Ice Cold Beer is Key to Your Wellness

beerI hang out with a lot of other entrepreneurs and writers. One of my fave fellow business owners is Jina Schaefer who is a total healthy living guru!

Her company, The Happy, Healthy Truth, is one of those change-the-world businesses that really does help people and impact the overall wellness of our society. She has taught me so much about how to make wellness a priority but still maintain a fun life. (I don’t have to give up wine OR bacon!) Plus she is also a true believer in stress management so when she offered to write a guest post for the blog I was 1000% on board! (Especially when I saw the title included the word beer!)

Here are some of Jina’s inspiring thoughts on losing weight which is super-stressful and a common goal for so many people I meet and work with in my coaching practice. I often refer people to her when they need extra support that is specifically focused on getting healthy. I highly recommend you get her free e-book (listed in the bio below her post) and follow her on Facebook. She shares really inspiring and motivating ways to stay on track with your wellness! Here is a little snapshot of how she thinks differently about reaching healthy weight goals.

Why an Ice Cold Beer is Key to Your Success

By Jina Schaefer

Have you ever thought, “I’d like to lose weight, but there are too many social gatherings, good food and drinks that I could never do it.”

Drop the all-or-nothing thought process. Life is not that bleak! Listen closely.

I’m not your typical wellness guru. I want you to get off track. I want you to go to happy hour, BBQ’s family reunions or work outings and not feel deprived.

You make approximately 200 decisions a day around wellness. It’s not about what you do some of the time it’s what you do MORE of the time.

Getting off track sometimes is key to staying in alignment with your wellness goals. Coming to terms with the fact that you can eat and/or drink a bit too much every once in awhile will allow you to plan for it so you can actually enjoy yourself when you do indulge. Also, being okay getting off track alleviates feelings of guilt – an emotion that will never, ever, ever, ever get you to your goals.

Your health, how you look and feel are the result of your daily activities. Plan for the times you’ll get off track and think healthIER. (And you can still have that beer – just balance it out with healthIER habits!)

Jina Schaefer
Jina Schaefer

Jina Schaefer is not your typical wellness guru. To download her free e-book about 5 daily habits that are sabotaging your good intentions to lose weight or get healthy, click this link: http://ow.ly/myq6v

For more information, check out JinaSchaefer.com

What’s your biggest weight loss stress? What can you do to just be a little bit healthIER?