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3 Questions to Power Up Your Plans

In my work as a speaker and author (and because I’m a total data nerd who actually uses my even nerdier Master’s in Integral Theory) I do extensive research on human behavior and what drives results both at work and personally.

When it comes to envisioning the future everyone can imagine what they want. But a much smaller proportion are actually able to figure out how to get there.

Lots of people just wing it. Lots of people make lists. Lots of people trust in a higher power. Lots of people visualize and manifest and hope things work out. Lots of people think they make a plan but aren’t actually willing to do the work or make the sacrifices TODAY so that their imagined future can actually become a reality. Lots of people want to take action but have no clue where to begin.

Then there are the real planners. I’m talking about the strategic visionaries who look at different perspectives, potential outcomes, and short and long term consequences of their decisions not just on themselves but on the other people, places, and world around them. They have the self-leadership and self-awareness to know they must align their own abilities and lifestyle to the dynamics that surround them AND be willing to adjust on the fly and try something different when things don’t go as planned.

This powerful mindset is where the rubber meets the road and real progress happens. The future is waiting and they are ready to get there no matter what!

Here are three power questions to ignite your planning process so it’s more actionable and relevant for your unique situation:

  1. Are you being honest? Is your life and career set up for what you want to have happen in the future? Do you have the skills, drive, support system, financial situation, etc. to really make it happen? Sometimes you need to align a few things and THEN go big on your plan.
  2. Will you sacrifice? Are you willing to give up past bad habits in order to move forward? For real – are you actually open to ditching your own drama and behaviors for your own good? Change is hard and will require some pain and suffering to get to the finish line. Resilience, sacrifice, and endless drive are necessities when you want a plan to work.
  3. What’s your next move? And your next? And your next? You have to be able to embrace both the present moment of what you’ll do RIGHT NOW to take action but also have a vision for what you’ll do next depending on the OUTCOME of what you do right now. Having a futuristic mindset is critical when you want to plan for something you’ll actually do.
    Planning is power – but it’s up to you to execute the plan or else it’s just a fluffy wish.

TALK TO ME: Where do you fall on the planning spectrum? Do you wing it? Are you a planning ninja? Or somewhere in between? What could you do to power up your planning and your willingness to take action NO MATTER WHAT?

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