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Stress Buster – Your Stress Cues

In this latest Stress Buster video, I share some ideas to help you get clear on what sets you off into anxiety, worry, moodiness, low productivity and general stress. I call them Stress Cues. These stress cues have the power to shift your entire day so it’s critical that you’re aware of them and know […]

Stress Buster – Cues & Cures

Welcome to the Happy Hour Effect Stress Buster video series. The goal is to bring you short, actionable videos every week to help you stay on track with your goals, happiness and success even when life gets stressful. This first video is all about knowing you stress cues and stress cures. Only when we are truly […]

Confessional – No More Excuses

How many times have you set a goal but a few weeks (or days) later you fall off the wagon? I’m guilty of it more often that I would like to admit. In this confessional video, I share one of my latest big fat failures – laziness when it comes to exercise. In the short […]

TV Appearance – Stress & Sex

A fun television appearance on ABC’s Twin Cities Live with Elizabeth Reis and guest co-host, former Vikings play, Mike Morris. I’m talking stress and sex and yes – they do go together! I give Elizabeth and Mike a fun quiz to help them get in the mood despite the stresses of the day. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_xr9_1Yc78?rel=0]

In Bed with CJ

When C.J., the Star Tribune’s gossip columnist, asked if she could come over to film me in bed after my appearance in bed on Live with Kelly & Michael, I laughed and panicked at the same time! Why?