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In Bed with CJ

CJ Star Tribune article
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When C.J., the Star Tribune’s gossip columnist, asked if she could come over to film me in bed after my appearance in bed on Live with Kelly & Michael, I laughed and panicked at the same time! Why? 

A. At the time my bedroom was in a state of chaos in preparation for painting.

B. Did I really want the world to see me in bed?

C. C.J. can get deep. Was I ready for her line of questioning?

But I agreed and she came over with video camera and notebook in hand to grill me about my time in bed with Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan when I appeared on Live with Kelly & Michael. But the questions didn’t stop there. She did go deep and ask about my dream man and who was better in bed – Kelly or Michael!

Click here to read her article  and watch the video she shot (and yes – I’m in bed)!