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5 Ways to Make Money From Media Appearances

Most authors and business owners think getting on TV will magically increase their sales and bring in boatloads of money. The harsh truth is that even a national TV appearance won’t change your financial success UNLESS you use your media appearances in the right way. The appearance itself may bring in some extra sales if […]

HHE #9: 7 Ways to Blow It With the Media

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE on iTunes    CLICK HERE TO WIN PRIZES JUST FOR LISTENING! Listen Now! WHAT’S ON TAP? I’m always surprised when my media friends tell me guest horror stories. From last-minute cancellations to diva behavior, there are many things that you should absolutely not do if you want to be successful as a media […]

HHE #4: Q&A Quickie – Dealing with Difficult People and the High Cost of PR

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE on iTunes    CLICK HERE TO WIN OVER $1,300 IN PRIZES! Listen Now! WHAT’S ON TAP? Every week I get questions from listeners on really diverse topics which has evolved into the Q&A Quickie episodes you will hear periodically on The Happy Hour Effect podcast. This week I had several people ask about […]

HHE #3: 3 Crucial Steps to Get More Exposure for Your Brand

PODCAST SUBSCRIBE on iTunes    Listen Now! WHAT’S ON TAP? Every organization needs and usually wants to get more exposure to grow. But there are myths about PR and exposure that cause entrepreneurs, authors and organizations to seek out fame without thinking through why, how and where a media appearance can impact their business. They […]