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5 Ways to Make Money From Media Appearances

money for media happinessMost authors and business owners think getting on TV will magically increase their sales and bring in boatloads of money. The harsh truth is that even a national TV appearance won’t change your financial success UNLESS you use your media appearances in the right way.

The appearance itself may bring in some extra sales if your product or service is featured prominently, but chances are that you will be featured as an expert sharing tips about a subject related to your product or service and not spending your 3-5 minutes of fame broadcasting the benefits of what you have to sell.

And while some national media outlets do pay their experts to appear, most do not. The payment you get for appearing is the credibility and celeb-factor it brings you. After I appeared on “Live with Kelly & Michael,” I did NOT see a spike in my book sales. But I am now able to close speaking deals faster and charge more for every gig.

Instead of relying on your television or other media appearance itself to bring in the sales, use your media in the following ways to increase your credibility and income.

Media appearances can:

1. Help you book speaking engagements. Event planners love a speaker who has proven themselves in front of an audience – and the celeb factor doesn’t hurt either.

2. Allow you to charge more for your speaking, service or product. Media appearances add a celebrity effect to what you offer whether it’s speaking, coaching, selling a product or service. People like to work with and buy from people who know what they are talking about AND have proven themselves on TV.

3. Elevate your platform so agents and publishers take you seriously. if you get a traditional publishing deal you will save thousands of dollars on printing, distribution, editing and layout costs. Having celeb status increases your chances of getting an advance too!

4. Help you book bigger media appearances that can elevate you even further. Big national outlets will only book people who can prove they are good on air. The bigger the media outlet the more it boosts your credibility and ability to charge more for your products and services. Make sure you get some media training before diving into national television though!

5. Boost your confidence and motivation to keep growing. Appearing on TV can be a great ego booster that can fuel your motivation to keep working on your goals and growth.

Unfortunately TV and other media appearances on their own won’t do much for your financial success. But if you showcase them prominently on your website, blog, email signature and pitches, they can help you bring in more income as a speaker, coach, author and business owner. So go out there and wow your audiences and use your media clips everywhere to showcase your credibility and value.



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