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HHE #3: 3 Crucial Steps to Get More Exposure for Your Brand


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Every organization needs and usually wants to get more exposure to grow. But there are myths about PR and exposure that cause entrepreneurs, authors and organizations to seek out fame without thinking through why, how and where a media appearance can impact their business. They go into it blind not knowing where to find opportunities, who to connect with or how to showcase their message so it’s media-WORTHY in the first place. In this episode we will talk about the three things every entrepreneur, author or brand must know BEFORE you go after media appearances and mentions to ensure that you are putting out the right message and communicating the right benefits for the audience.


Before seeking out publicity, every business must first know the tools, approach and connections that must be used to land a great appearance that can be used to grow your brand:

    1. Be Buzzworthy. Many businesses think their product, book or service is enough to get them into the media. Not true. You need to selectively identify the benefits for the AUDIENCE before you even have a chance at getting any coverage.
    2. Master Your Pitch. You must know HOW to talk about yourself and your brand for the media to pay attention. It’s not as simple as making a call or sending an email. The media get thousands of emails a week so you must stand out through your pitch.
    3. Use Tools. You don’t have to go blindly into the media world. There are many ways to connect with media and influencers if you know where to look. Twitter, LinkedIn and media websites are great for connecting with the media.








CLICK HERE to download the Perfect PR Pitch Template.


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