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20 Powershots for Rough Work Days

It’s mid-March - the time of year when many of us are burnt out, overloaded, and in desperate need of a sunny vacation. I’m right there with you. Even though the sun is shining today and I usually love my job, the blinking cursor reminds me of the million things...

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3 Questions to Power Up Your Plans

In my work as a speaker and author (and because I’m a total data nerd who actually uses my even nerdier Master’s in Integral Theory) I do extensive research on human behavior and what drives results both at work and personally. When it comes to envisioning the future everyone can imagine...

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Would You Go to Work For FREE?

How about a day of work in exchange for a chicken dinner? Every single day I’m asked by fellow working professionals from the C-suite at giant corporations to independent business owners like me to do my full-time job as a professional speaker FOR FREE. Every. Single. Day. Speaker pay equity is in the...

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Meeting Planner Ideas

Hi! Below are some great ideas to help you pick the right speaker and drum up some extra budget if your event finances are tight. How to Pick a Professional, Paid Speaker Who Doesn't Suck The screening process for hiring speakers is stressful! There are so many to choose from and picking...

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