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3 Ways to Love Big, Lead Big, and Live Big

Life is hard. Work is hard. Relationships are hard. Our brains are constantly being filled with messages and demands from everyone around us. It’s up to us to filter those messages and demands so that we aren’t sucked into negativity and instead are lifted up so we can lead better, love stronger, and live our […]

5 Ways to Power Up Your Presentations

Ever had a bunch of work stuff to do and then school is cancelled? You have to either change your plans or try and work from home and multi-task to get stuff done. Well here in frigid Minneapolis that very thing happened today so I am juggling work stuff and a chatty kid who won’t […]

3 Questions to Power Up Your Plans

In my work as a speaker and author (and because I’m a total data nerd who actually uses my even nerdier Master’s in Integral Theory) I do extensive research on human behavior and what drives results both at work and personally. When it comes to envisioning the future everyone can imagine what they want. But […]

Would You Go to Work For FREE?

How about a day of work in exchange for a chicken dinner? Every single day I’m asked by fellow working professionals from the C-suite at giant corporations to independent business owners like me to do my full-time job as a professional speaker FOR FREE. Every. Single. Day. Speaker pay equity is in the toilet because […]

Meeting Planner Ideas

Hi! Below are some great ideas to help you pick the right speaker and drum up some extra budget if your event finances are tight. How to Pick a Professional, Paid Speaker Who Doesn’t Suck The screening process for hiring speakers is stressful! There are so many to choose from and picking a speaker from […]

What’s Your Secret Business Superpower?

You ever find yourself feeling anxious or agitated for no reason? (Or for lots of reasons?) Yah me either! Oh wait – me too! Despite being a keynote speaker who teaches teams how to be aware of triggers and energizers to boost confidence and power for real growth at work and personally, I am guilty […]

Networking Isn’t a 4-Letter Word

Every time you leave the house there is potential for profitable connections. The person behind you at the coffee shop could be your next big client. The guy you meet at a cocktail party might be your perfect referral partner. The woman you run into at the library might be your next perfect hire. You […]

7 Steps to Spin Past Setbacks Into Future Success

Every year about this time I hear from many people that it was a wild and weird year. But that’s life right? Wild and weird! And it is in that wildness and weirdness where there are huge insights and lessons to help you enjoy today even more and plan for your future more effectively both […]

10 Time Hacks to Get More Done

You’ve said it. I’ve said it. We’ve all said it. “I don’t have time.” “I’m too busy.” “I have too much on my plate.” Saying you don’t have time doesn’t really mean you don’t have time. We all have 24/7 to get things done. What you really mean is that something isn’t a priority. You’ve […]