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3 Ways to Love Big, Lead Big, and Live Big

Life is hard. Work is hard. Relationships are hard. Our brains are constantly being filled with messages and demands from everyone around us. It’s up to us to filter those messages and demands so that we aren’t sucked into negativity and instead are lifted up so we can lead better, love stronger, and live our best lives.

It might sound corny but in the spirit of today’s Valentine’s Day content everywhere, I want to remind you that true love is honoring and respecting yourself so much that you CHOOSE to filter all the messages coming in and only believe the very best and most loving ones whether it’s at work or at home. True love is also ensuring that you are constantly feeding yourself loving inner dialogue and romancing yourself to the point of absolute bliss no matter what other messages are coming in that feel hurtful or pulling your focus away from your awesomeness.

No one deserves the very best version of love than YOU! And guess what? YOU can provide big love for yourself in your thoughts, in your habits, in your drive forward toward your dreams, in the quiet moments you forgive yourself, in the loud moments you put yourself out there, and in so many more big and small ways. And when you love yourself, you are a solid role-model for others too – your work team, your clients, your network, and your loved ones.

Whether you are married, in a partnership, engaged, have a boyfriend or girlfriend, hang with your kids or pets, get filled up by friends or work, or it’s just awesome you, the biggest and boldest expression of love comes from the same place – YOU! No outside source can love you as much as you.

YOU have the power to love yourself in ways that NO ONE else ever has or ever will. Use that power of self-love to create magic in your life every day! Looking for love to validate you or fill you up from external people is small potatoes compared to the BIG love you can give yourself unconditionally and consistently no matter what else is happening in your life, your job, or your relationships.

I want to help you tap into that inner voice that embraces you, seduces you, and showers you with big-time love always and forever. You are your happily ever after…so make it a juicy, love-filled story!


Here are three ways to love yourself in big and bold ways so you lead stronger and live better:

  1. RIGHT NOW make a list of 50 awesome things about you. Seriously – do it RIGHT NOW. Keep it on your phone or in your purse or wallet so you see it every day. Encourage your work team to do this simple exercise too.
  2. EVERY MORNING list three things you love about yourself and your life today. There are hundreds of options, but I use an app you can download for free here. www.personaljournalapp.com I set up notifications so it reminds me to do it every morning and review it every night. This is a perfect team-building tool that can drive morale.
  3. EVERY TIME you get a negative message from someone else or you feel “bad” remind yourself that their opinion isn’t the truth. YOU decide who you are, how you feel, and how loved you are – and it’s unconditional and BIG! I suggest when you feel unloved to totally immerse yourself in self-love and self-care for even just a little bit. Write in a journal, do a favorite hobby, indulge in a yummy treat, go out to a favorite locale – anything that jolts you into a state of absolute joy. Find positive work tasks you can do in the office too so you can feel the love even in a professional environment.

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