Kristen Brown is a business and lifestyle futurist with 20 years of marketing and sales leadership experience working with Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s biggest brands like General Mills, Target, Disney, the Minnesota Vikings, Sony, and many more.

She is an interactive, zero-Powerpoint, funny keynote speaker who will help your attendees tap into their power to INCREASE SALES, REV UP PERFORMANCE, and DRIVE THEIR COMPANY’S GROWTH through the roof!

With a winning speaking style that combines an energetic, fun personality with researched and relevant business strategies, Kristen is the go-to expert that can and will lead your team to confidence and success.

Your team doesn’t need another generic speaker to inspire them to climb their own mountain. And they definitely don’t want to sit through yet another boring session with a bunch of bullet points and graphs. They want to know exactly what to do RIGHT NOW to improve their specific situation and future goals – and they want it to be fun, easy, and fast! That’s where Kristen comes in!

Kristen works with organizations that want to unleash their employees’ inner driving force so that they can DRIVE THE BOTTOM LINE.



Kristen Brown Keynote Speaker Benefits