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Confessional – It Came in a Dream

After my daughter decided she wanted to spend a couple of days with grandma and grandpa, my first instinct was “NAP TIME!” As a solo parent, I love my sleep time and sleep so soundly when my daughter isn’t in the house. I admit I’m an insomniac – have been all my life. But it’s […]

3 Tips for Writers Who Don’t Have Time to Write

It is realllly hard to find time to write when we are juggling jobs, kids, finances, relationships and hobbies all the time. And if you are like 80% of the population, you have dreamt of writing a book too. An idea sits at the back of your mind waiting for the “right time” to be […]

Book Review – Confessions of a Fat Runner

As an avid reader, writer and author coach, I love sharing great books with my peeps – so when I saw the title of the new book by Jennifer Graham, I knew I had to read it (and share it with you). Published by Breakaway Books, HONEY, DO YOU NEED A RIDE? CONFESSIONS OF A FAT RUNNER is […]

Book Trailer – The Best Worst Thing

It’s a bittersweet story, but my first book, The Best Worst Thing, was a therapeutic, painful and hopeful book to write. It has inspired others to take the tough stuff in life and use it to propel them forward in a positive way. Watch the book trailer here: If you know anyone who needs a […]