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Confessional – It Came in a Dream

Writing Space
My Kitchen Writing Space

After my daughter decided she wanted to spend a couple of days with grandma and grandpa, my first instinct was “NAP TIME!” As a solo parent, I love my sleep time and sleep so soundly when my daughter isn’t in the house. I admit I’m an insomniac – have been all my life. But it’s been worse since my husband died in his sleep a few years ago. You can imagine that every little sound that comes from my daughter while she is sleeping jolts me awake out of fear. I’ve learned to love my sound machine, ceiling fan and a cracked window to let in the nighttime noises that camouflage the inevitable little kid sleep sounds that come from her room every evening. But back to my nap…

After I dropped my daughter off with her grandparents, I was exhausted and excited for some solo sleep time. So with visions of book titles, chapter headings and infographics dancing in my head, I curled up in my bed to give my brain a break from writing my latest book. It’s a playbook for entrepreneurs and authors who want to ignite their work and life through their business. It’s meant to be an inspiring, motivational guidebook to help entrepreneurs stay committed to their work and success while still having a peaceful, low-stress life with their loved ones.

I’ve been struggling with the title for weeks trying to come up with something clever and offbeat. I knew I had been over-thinking it and that the answer was right in front of me but I wasn’t seeing it. And then nap time revealed all!

I don’t even remember what the dream was about but having been totally immersed in all things book-writing every night and weekend for awhile now, I’m sure it was something scintillating like a checklist on how to find work/life harmony or some life-changing steps to getting more exposure which are just a couple of the topics in the book. Whatever I was dreaming about shook me awake and the title hit me hard.

The Entrepreneur Promise. Period. Simple. Honest. Exactly what the book’s theme is all about. As a business owner, writer or service provider you must make a long-term commitment to your work. Successful entrepreneurs never quit. They aren’t lazy. They are in it for the long haul. Like an athlete commits to training to win, entrepreneurs must practice and play hard to beat the competition and find the right coach to get them there.

In the book I act as that coach with the ultimate pep talk for success. I outline the promises we must make as entrepreneurs. That very moment a flash of brilliance takes hold of us begging us to turn it into a business, we must make a vow to hold fast to that dream and do all we can to elevate it, transform it and ignite it into reality. If we don’t say “I do” with the same level of commitment we make to a marriage, our business dreams are destined to fail. And just like marriage, the majority of businesses fail too – both for a lot of reasons.

But if you make the entrepreneur promise up front and commit to a life of hard work, passion, presence and success you will be living your dream every day and take that dream to the masses with ease and joy.

So tonight I sit in my kitchen surrounded by my notes and really (really) rough draft inspired by the new title and ready to write. I am living The Entrepreneur Promise¬†right now and can’t wait to help you live your dreams too!

What’s your best tip for staying committed to your business goals?