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3 Tips for Writers Who Don’t Have Time to Write

20130514-200042.jpgIt is realllly hard to find time to write when we are juggling jobs, kids, finances, relationships and hobbies all the time. And if you are like 80% of the population, you have dreamt of writing a book too. An idea sits at the back of your mind waiting for the “right time” to be put down on paper. But the fact is there is never a right time. You need to just start already.

Here are 3 tips to get you going on your writing goals so you make progress on that book you dream of writing.

1. One-liners
. Instead of committing yourself to a page or word count every day, just commit to a single sentence. Chances are that after jotting down that single sentence you will be motivated to keep going. And if not, that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Be proud of making progress even if its just a single sentence. Those sentences will add up to paragraphs that will add up to pages and chapters of your book.

2. Write about a memory and share it with your loved ones. We often feel a little guilty taking time for ourselves away from our families when many of us work for a living too. But if you can build in writing time that involves and benefits them you won’t feel so bad. They will look forward to your fun, heartwarming memories and even the tough stories. And who knows – they might even encourage you to take more time to write.

3. Take a class or hire a coach. When you put a little financial investment into something it prompts you to take it more seriously. Committing to a class or having a writing coach guide you will help you focus and figure out how to make writing a bigger part of your life. Skin in the game leads to words on the page!