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Beware the Buzzkill

They can swoop in from anywhere – usually when you least expect it. The buzzkill at his finest has the power to turn a sunny day to gray with just a comment. The worst part is a buzzkill usually doesn’t even know that what they’ve said has totally derailed your joy and caused you major […]

Confessional – Why I Don’t Dance

In the last few years, I’ve been called out more than once for not joining the crowd on the dance floor at events. My co-workers and friends are dancing machines, but my brain and body revolt no matter how much the music moves me. My two left feet and my traumatized brain paralyze me to […]

3 Tips for Writers Who Don’t Have Time to Write

It is realllly hard to find time to write when we are juggling jobs, kids, finances, relationships and hobbies all the time. And if you are like 80% of the population, you have dreamt of writing a book too. An idea sits at the back of your mind waiting for the “right time” to be […]

Learning the Hard Way

Oh the lifelong lesson of learning the hard way! How many of you have gone after something hoping for success only to fall on your face? At the time it sucks. But once you

Quote – Follow a Dream

Isn’t it true that when you follow a dream you often feel like you hit roadblocks or make wrong turns? Well if you are in pursuit of a big goal, there is no such thing as a wrong turn. Every decision you make (even the not-so-great ones) leads closer to your dream.

10 Deep Breaths

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” Sanskrit Proverb You hear it everywhere — when stressed or angry, take a deep breath. But if you try it, it really works. Inhale slowly through your nose to the count of 8 focusing the breath on the front of […]