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Beware the Buzzkill

buzzkill quoteThey can swoop in from anywhere – usually when you least expect it. The buzzkill at his finest has the power to turn a sunny day to gray with just a comment. The worst part is a buzzkill usually doesn’t even know that what they’ve said has totally derailed your joy and caused you major stress and heartache in the process.

I have dealt with many a buzzkill over the years both professionally and personally especially the last couple of years when I have experienced some pretty cool wins with my writing and business life.

And as much as I hate to admit it I have BEEN a buzzkill more than once. I’m a devil’s advocate and can go Negative Nelly when provoked. 99.9999% of the time I am either jealous, uneducated or dealing with my own crap which makes me confrontational or just unintentionally mean because I’m cranky or distracted.

Knowing this about my own past bad buzzkiller-ness to others has made me more aware of when a buzzkill is at work in my own life to make me feel less happy, less proud and just plain less of a person.

This awareness helps me ignore the naysayers so I can embrace and fully enjoy my jumping-for-joy moments.

How can you change your reaction to those who bring you down with their buzzkill behavior?