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Learning the Hard Way


Oh the lifelong lesson of learning the hard way! How many of you have gone after something hoping for success only to fall on your face? At the time it sucks. But once you
get up and dust yourself off (if you’re doing it right), chances are you learned something in the process.

I’ve been a big fat failure more times than I can count. That doesn’t mean I am personally a failure. It just means my idea didn’t align with my plan, my actions, the world’s acceptance or need for the idea or a million other reasons. Every time I have gotten back on the horse and kept on ridin’!

Success isn’t easy. It takes experimentation. It takes commitment. It takes tenacity. And winners never quit! They take the lessons learned the hard way and use them to create a clearer forward path to their dreams one scary step at a time.

If I can do it, you can do it too! Just keep going!