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Why Happy Hour Effect?

cocktail napkin wisdom - homepage resultsMany people ask me what Happy Hour Effect means and how it got started. So here you go – the condensed backstory and how it helps others.

I created Happy Hour Effect after suffering personal and professional stress all at once as a widowed mom in a stressful corporate job during the economic crash. I had to find a way through it so began experimenting, researching and getting educated on all things related to work/life harmony (balance is a myth), happiness, goal-setting, change and resilience. This evolved into helping others do the same thing in a way that works for their individual needs and goals.

Today I use my expertise, education and content to give organizations and individuals a fresh philosophy that inspires work/life happiness, brand growth and super-charged success.

During Happy Hour, we’re at our best – connected, open-minded, relaxed, creative and energized all at once. Imagine all the crazy yet genius ideas that started on the back of a cocktail napkin! By creating Happy Hour Effect moments throughout the day, we harness those same mindset shifts that allow us to grow personally and professionally.

Why does this matter?

It matters for PEOPLE because we need to feel secure, respected and supported in our goals to flourish. And when we flourish, we’re motivated to do well in all areas of our lives – work, family, hobbies, friends, spirituality, health and more.

It matters for COMPANIES because a workforce that lives by the Happy Hour Effect philosophy is productive, innovative and effective when it comes to sales, customer service and creating opportunities to impact the bottom line.

So you see – the Happy Hour Effect is more than just a clever term. It’s a powerful philosophy that can change your thinking, change your workforce and change the world.

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