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Product Review – Staying Accountable with Shine and Best Buy

shine at best buyI’m a big fan of accountability. I need little tools and tricks to keep me on track or I can easily spin my wheels or end up totally veered off from my original plan. Being accountable actually helps me stay stress-free (or at least low-stress). One of my favorite ways to stay accountable with my health is to wear a Nike FuelBand every day. I sit at my computer for the bulk of my work day but the FuelBand reminds me that I need to get up and move my body to hit my daily activity goals.

Being the accountability freak that I am, I was excited for the opportunity to use the Shine fitness tracker for Best Buy. Click here to check it out. With wearable devices being all the rage these days, I was curious to see how Shine would compare to my beloved FuelBand.

Here are the pros and cons to both trackers.



  • Activity Tracking – steps, sleep, calories, clock
  • Waterproof
  • Extra Accessories (includes Magnet clip), Leather Bands, Sport Band, Necklace
  • Shine is exclusively available at Best Buy in four additional colors – silver, black, champagne & topaz


  • Gorgeous and elegant
  • Sleek
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • No charging needed


  • Comes unassembled and isn’t easy to open components
  • Packaging difficult to open
  • Only able to see clock and total activity progress on tracker – must go to phone app to see others
  • Sometimes doesn’t respond to taps on surface to see progress
  • Battery needs replacing every 4 months


Nike FuelBand


  • Activity tracking – steps, calories, fuel & time
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Available in four colors
  • Water resistant


  • Super easy to scroll through tracking metrics
  • Stylish
  • Water resistant
  • Comes full assembled and ready to go
  • Long battery life
  • Number display


  • Can be clunky at times (when typing, getting through shirt sleeves, wearing it with other jewelry, etc.)
  • Need to recharge battery every couple weeks

The Verdict:

Shine vs FuelBandI wish I could combine the comfort and sleekness of the Shine (left) with the functionality of the FuelBand (right). When it comes right down to it, the FuelBand is easier to navigate through the elements I personally want to see – calories burned, steps taken, time and Fuel goal.

However, the Shine was so elegant and thin that I could wear it with anything and other jewelry just complemented it. In this case, because I need to see the numbers to remain accountable for my physical activity each day, the FuelBand takes the edge on this one. But if you want a lightweight, gorgeous fitness tracker that is also waterproof, go for the Shine. Swimmers and outdoor fitness enthusiasts who get wet often – the Shine is a good option. It can help empower you to be more proactive with your personal health.

Click here to get an exclusive Best Buy selection of Shine colors.

Share your thoughts. How do you stay accountable to your health goals?

Disclaimer: I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.