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12. Energy NOW! Podcast – Flash Episode – Detachment, LinkedIn, and Owning Your Awesome

In this Flash Episode of the Energy NOW! podcast you will hear super-fast and super-actionable tips on why detachment is critical for leaders, ideas to freshen up your LinkedIn profile, and a mindful moment to totally own your awesomeness.

These Flash Episodes come from my Amazon Echo Flash Briefings that air there every week. You can listen right on your Echo simply by asking “Alexa – play my Flash Briefing.” (CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.) But since not everyone has an Amazon Echo I decided to pull the quick hits of energy here so you can take advantage of the awesome tips too! Enjoy the sparks of motivation!

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  1. Update your LinkedIn profile THIS WEEK.
  2. Listen to the Mindful Moment at least three times this week.
  3. Do the exercise in the Detachment segment.
  4. Bookmark the episode so you can get inspired by your own ideas on the go!
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