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11. Energy NOW! Podcast – Think Big for Impact with Nicole Middendorf

In this episode of the Energy NOW! podcast I interview Nicole Middendorf, founder of Prosperwell Financial. She shares inspiring advice on financial happiness and living a life of independence and impact. Plus she shares personal stories about her own past challenges that created opportunities for growth including her Live It List that she shares with her kids and the world. She is a truly a money maven and spreads her positivity through speaking, 1-on-1 client work, and the media. 

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  1. Have a money date once a month with yourself and/or your partner to review financial goals, plans, and status.
  2. Create your own Live It List!
  3. Have support people to bounce ideas off of and help you stay positive.
  4. Check out Nicole’s websites and books at NicoleMiddendorf.com and Prosperwell.com
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