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The Happy Hour Effect Book Tour Stop – Life With Levi

lifewithleviThe Happy Hour Effect is on tour! It’s a busy time – plus we are in the thick of the holiday season and most people I have talked to are balancing their normal everyday lives with parties, shopping for gifts, travel-planning and all those to-do list items that stack up during the holidays.

But sometimes we just need to take a time-out from the planning and non-stop activity to just veg. For me that is crawling under my electric blanket with my iPad and surfing the web, Facebook, Pinterest – just letting my brain melt for awhile and letting the problems and responsibilities of the world drift away even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

One of my favorite blogs that always makes me laugh is Life With Levi written by a fellow Minnesotan who has the craziest sense of humor and most interesting perspectives on life. I have had dinner with her a couple of times and it is constant laughter listening to her stories.

I was so glad when she agreed to feature my book,The Happy Hour Effect, on her blog. Check it out here and definitely follow her on Facebook and Twitter for some great entertainment!