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3 Brand Elements to Detox NOW

3 brand elements to detox nowThere are brand-killers everywhere driving your loyal, paying customers away!

These are things that companies, entrepreneurs, authors and employees do to destroy credibility and create negative brand associations. Sometimes the things that ruin a brand’s buzz-worthiness are internal like finances, management and employee culture. Other times they are external like marketing, social media and product experience.

Why Detox?

Just like we should do an occasional detox with our physical bodies, we sometimes need to do a detox in our businesses too.

When you detox your body, you streamline your diet to give your liver and other organs a break, “streamline” your bowels and clear out the bad stuff that prevents optimal physical performance. In a business, a detox can help rid your brand of those things that drag down your customer appeal, create lags in sales and contribute to the “me too” curse that so many companies and entrepreneurs fall into as they grow.

How to Detox

Here are 3 critical elements to detox from your business immediately to boost your brand power and re-engage your customers.

      1. Repetitive Messaging – If you are guilty of sharing the same old tagline, ads, social posts or marketing campaigns over and over again, it’s time to shake things up. Even messaging that works needs to be tweaked occasionally to stay fresh and engaging. Plus your market may shift over time so your brand must flex with it. Remain focused and consistent to your brand but with a variety of brand-centric marketing tactics that feed into your overall strategy.
      2. Boring or Incongruent Spokesperson – Does your brand have a talking head? Is that talking head you? Someone else? Assess your market and ensure beyond a doubt that your spokesperson relates to your target audience. Be honest and be sure your brand is represented the right way – and acknowledge that’s not always by you. Really get to know your customer and the ways they like to be communicated with – then create your brand voice/face to mirror that.
      3. All-Nighters – (Okay so this one isn’t exactly customer-facing, but the benefits you’ll reap will hit your customers in a big way.) Sure an all-nighter or weekend warrior mode is required sometimes, but every business owner, employee and solopreneur needs a break to rejuvenate their spirit, mind and body. If you manage others, ditch the churn and burn mindset and really appreciate and value your employees’ time and energy by giving them the space and freedom they need to develop other areas of their lives. If YOU are a workaholic (I’m guilty), experiment with ways to break the 24/7 work habit to fit in personal passions. It will pay off in boosted creativity, productivity and engagement when you and your team ARE on the job.

These are just a few ways to detox unproductive brand elements from your overall strategy. A brand isn’t just about logos, fonts, colors and taglines. Your brand is everything you put out into the world both professionally AND personally. It all feeds into an experience that your customers have every time they interact with you and your product or service. Make every touch point count.

What can you do today to refresh your brand and re-engage your customers?



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