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5 Ways to Deal with Difficult People

Recently I spoke to a group of franchise employees on how to stress less to boost sales and customer service. During the break a woman approached me and pulled me aside. She whispered, "What do you do when it's the people around you who cause you stress and make you super cranky?" If...

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HELP! I Hate My Job!

HELP! My job is so stressful and I can't keep my head above water anymore. I'm crabby to my family. My boss is evil. My co-workers are annoying. I hate my job tasks. But I can't leave - I need the paycheck!  This was the tirade I heard from someone after...

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24 Rejuvenating Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

Inc. magazine article

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Who else powers through lunch? Eat at your desk, gobble down your food, maybe even have a meeting WHILE you eat so you don’t lose a moment of your day? I admit I’m guilty of this pretty often – more often than I should or would like to be!

This awesome article from Christina DesMarais at Inc. magazine gives us 24 great ways to shift our thinking about how we spend our lunch hours. And it happens to feature me as one of her experts!

I especially love #2 where she recommends