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24 Rejuvenating Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break

Inc. magazine article
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Who else powers through lunch? Eat at your desk, gobble down your food, maybe even have a meeting WHILE you eat so you don’t lose a moment of your day? I admit I’m guilty of this pretty often – more often than I should or would like to be!

This awesome article from Christina DesMarais at Inc. magazine gives us 24 great ways to shift our thinking about how we spend our lunch hours. And it happens to feature me as one of her experts!

I especially love #2 where she recommends wiggling like a kid. I often recommend this to clients and take pointers from my friend and joyful movement expert, Theresa Rose, who teaches us to move in joy. That totally fits the Happy Hour Effect philosophy!

Theresa happens to use a hula hoop to rock out joyfully! Click here to watch her TEDTalk on the Hoop Revolution and joyful movement. And for a laugh, check out my daughter’s hoop lesson (she is a huge fan of Theresa’s) and her big hooping blooper.

Read the Inc. mag article now.