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#35: The Training Trainwreck

PODCAST EPISODE – The Training Trainwreck When you work on a team with high turnover, you have open positions on a team, or you have team members in training, it can cause stress, resentment, and poor team performance. In this episode of The Happy Hour Effect podcast, you will learn five ways to avoid the training trainwreck so […]

5 Benefits of a Great Business Coach

What the heck can a business coach do for me that I can’t do for myself? I mean, I AM a coach myself helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses, manage stress and position themselves for success. Well – I can simply say without hesitation that without the MULTIPLE coaches I have worked with over the […]

Your Media & Event Planning Resource

If you’re an event planner looking for a great speaker, a media professional seeking a great guest or a human resources pro looking for unique training solutions for your employees, I have resources who are entertaining, powerful and actionable both personally and professionally. And if you’re a speaker, author or expert who wants to be a […]