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5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Vacation

A couple weeks ago I featured a post on keeping your office organized from a fantastic writer and fellow lifestyle expert, Sarah Landrum. When she offered to do another article, I jumped at the chance and she is now going to be a regular contributor to the Happy Hour Effect blog! Woohooo! Her latest article […]

Is Your Monday Running You Over?

Monday is here again. For many of us that means excitement and energy as we get the chance to start a new week full of opportunities. For many though, it means negativity and the blues because we aren’t excited or inspired by our work or a new week. One of my favorite fellow coaches and […]

3 Instant Stress Busters

Stress is inevitable – and isn’t always a bad thing. The response itself is actually a very, very good thing because it protects us from potential harm IF we heed the warning signals and take action to reduce or eliminate the stressor. That is the purpose of the fight or flight response. When we ignore […]