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3 Tips for Stress Less Travel

mapWhen I travel, I tend to get a bit queasy and just plain “off.” I don’t know it’s motion, jet lag, altitude, lack of sleep or a combination but it all adds up to stress if I don’t manage it right. And when I travel with my daughter, it is yet another layer of anxiety to make sure she is safe, healthy and happy on the road.

When it comes to travel stress, I am not alone. Most people suffer from some level of angst whether it’s getting to the airport on time or keeping a crabby kid quiet for three hours straight. But I have found a few simple rules for stress free travel. Everyone has their own little secrets but here are three of my favorites.

1. Be prepared. Always know your agenda, pack in advance and leave plenty of time for your trip.

2. Branch out. Get away from the main attractions and avoid the tourist traps. Instead head off the beaten path and go where the locals go. That is a true experience with a new destination or culture. Not sure where to go? Ask locals or just take a different route.

3. Take a moment. Don’t get so sucked into your schedule that you forget to stop and really appreciate where you are and who you are with. Research shows that we remember experiences much more than material purchases so stop on that bridge overlooking a great view. Stay at that cozy romantic restaurant for one more glass of wine. Let the kids play on the beach for another hour. These memories will enrich your life and make your travels more pleasant.

What’s your favorite tip for less stressful travel? Share it in the comments below.