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Lead From Within Webinar Replay & Offers

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Thank you for attending the Lead From Within webinar. 

You can watch the replay and then check out the special Energy Transformation programs I shared. 

It’s designed for modern leaders like you who take your self-support, influence on others, and your organization’s results seriously…and you know your inner power drives it.

There are two options…one for you with two investment levels and one we will customize for your team. These offers expire 2/18/24.

Check them out and I can’t wait to work with you!

And don’t forget to take the 7 Energies Assessment HERE.

It begins within...

Your energy transformation starts today!

Something is missing…

You’re stuck or simply unsure what to do next to get to your next level of leadership.

Or you want a sounding board to guide you through challenges and decisions.

Welcome to your Energy Transformation! 

It’s an experience for elite leaders like you.

You are ready to elevate and finally get the remarkable results you want…and do the deep work to make it happen.

I’m Kristen and your Energy Transformation is a 1-on-1 advisory program that turns on and turns up your 7 Energies of Leadership. 

I will guide you to not just elevate your 7 energies but to engage deeply in all the realms in which you want to have impact and achieve results.


Leadership begins within regardless of your job title, industry, or career aspirations.

You will embark on a personalized journey into this self-leadership awareness. This powerful mindset will redefine your energy and uplevel your leadership impact complemented by Kristen’s elite tools and guidance to go even further. 

The journey focuses on improving leadership capabilities and cultivating a more profound, holistic understanding of yourself, fostering more effective, empathetic, and inspirational leadership.

Tailored energy management techniques ensure that you can identify, harness, and manage your 7 energies more effectively, leading to increased productivity, less burnout, more focus, and overall well-being.

A focus on holistic well-being enables you to achieve a harmonized integration of body, mind, and spirit, promoting health, happiness, and engagement in every aspect of your life…and as a role model!

Personalized strategies and solutions are devised to align with your individual needs, preferences, and challenges, ensuring more relevant, practical, and impactful outcomes for you and deeper impact on your people.

The journey enables you to gain deeper insights into your behaviors, motivations, and emotional responses, fostering growth, self-improvement, mindfulness, and enriched interpersonal relationships. 

The continuous learning, feedback, and upgrades ensure that you stay on top of emerging trends and maintain your transformative gains, fostering long-term sustainability and resilience in your life.

Your Energy Transformation Journey

Welcome to an empowering voyage where your energy becomes the catalyst for profound transformation! 

Kristen’s Energy Transformations are meticulously crafted to address your unique needs, leadership challenges, and personal aspirations. Dive deep, recharge, and elevate with our customized, holistic approach, and experience a metamorphosis that radiates through every facet of your life.

Energy Elite Kit

Start your journey with the Energy Elite Kit, a beautifully crafted package mailed directly to you that includes energizing power stones, a luxurious journal, tools and materials for focus and relaxation, and a personal note from Kristen.

Energy alignments

Experience 90-minute focused sessions to revitalize your seven energy centers. You will address your recent challenges, breakthroughs, and energy shifts and leave with personalized exercises to harmonize body, mind, and spirit.

7 Energies Assessment

You will take a simple 7 Energies Assessment to determine where your energies of Vision, Strategy, Communication, Relationships, Confidence, Creativity, and Motivation are blocked, neutral, or flowing.

Mid-Journey Review

Celebrate your wins, recalibrate your goals, and infuse fresh energy in a dedicated half-day review session to ensure you are on track and making progress. You will identify any roadblocks or limiting beliefs to stay on track.

vital vision kickoff

Kickstart your journey with a half-day session to explore your 7 energies, leadership challenges, and personal aspirations. You will tap into proprietary Energy Map to chart the trajectory of your Energy Transformation.

elevate & Integrate

Conclude your journey with an intensive session to anchor your learnings, celebrate your transformations, and strategize your future path. You will review your progress and identify ways to maintain momentum going forward.

Why Kristen for your Energy Transformation?

Kristen brings a unique synthesis of leadership development and holistic energy insight, ensuring leaders like you don’t merely grow, but truly embody the 7 energies that drive your resilience, leadership, relationships, and results. 

Her deep corporate leadership expertise, Master’s education, personal resilience experience (big tragedies that earned her the name, The Energy Phoenix), and her ongoing excellence in her 30-year body of work as a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and advisor make her an elite high performer who advises others to take their lives to the next level too no matter what changes, stressors, or transitions come your way.

Kristen’s approach is an empowering blend of:

Transform your energy, elevate your leadership, and illuminate your best path. 

Welcome to a journey where every step helps you lead with clarity, radiate energy, and redefine your vision with Kristen’s unique blend of holistic wisdom and leadership perspectives. 

You deserve to have everything you want so LET’S GO!


Your Energy Transformation is usually $9,000. 

For webinar attendees, you get it all PLUS the bonus privileges below for just $6,500 (or make payments).

Exclusive Privileges

Energy EXPERIENCE Discounts

You get VIP discounts and special invitations for speaking, emcee, facilitation, and advisory services for your team and organization.

Vibrant Vibes Network

Networking and introductions to high-caliber, like-minded professionals for mutual support and energy exchange.

Sacred Space Seal

Rest assured your Energy Transformation journey is completely confidential ensuring complete privacy and trust every step of the way.

Premium Energy Library

Gain exclusive access to premium content in Kristen's Energy NOW app including courses, challenges, video lessons, meditations, and more.

Energizers Masterclass Access

Engage in periodic virtual and in-person sessions with renowned partners and experts on complementary energy and leadership topics.

Always-On Advisory

Receive unlimited email support between sessions for quick energy fixes, clarifications, or sharing updates. Her Energy Emergency Hotline is for your urgent needs.

Rave Reviews

Join the monthly spark hours sessions

Not quite ready for the Energy Transformation but want some accountability and motivation?

Join the monthly Spark Hours sessions for the next 12 months to drive your goals and mindset forward! You will get a hot learning topic followed by an open forum for Q&A, hot seat coaching, and more.

When: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 11:30-1:00pm CST.

It's just $595 for the whole year...
that's less than $50 per month to energize and rise through your biggest challenges and goals!

Want an energy transformation
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