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LeadershipLift 2024

Is your organization ready to rise in 2024?

Welcome to an empowering 12-month, multi-session journey where your energy becomes the catalyst for a leadership transformation that drives organizational and personal growth and results! 

LeadershipLift 2024 is designed to address your organization’s needs, leadership and culture challenges, and your employee engagement and fulfillment. Attendees will dive deep, recharge, and elevate with a customized, holistic approach to their success. 

They will step into a transformative experience and embrace a year that will change their lives and the energy and momentum of your organization.

Why does your group need LeadershipLift 2024?

Leadership begins within regardless of your job title, industry, or career aspirations.

Your employees will embark on a full year journey into this self-leadership awareness. This powerful mindset will redefine energy and uplevel leadership impact across your organization. This impacts sales, customer service, culture, communication, fulfillment, stress, and so much more.

Below are just some of the benefits your team will experience:

The journey focuses on improving leadership capabilities and cultivating a more mindful, holistic understanding of yourself, fostering more effective, empathetic, and inspirational leadership and connection with others.

Tailored energy management techniques ensure that you can identify, harness, and manage your 7 energies more effectively, leading to increased productivity, less burnout, increased sales and service, more focus, and overall well-being.

Motivated and fulfilled employees work harder, are more creative and innovative, communicate more effectively, and provide better service and sales. This directly drives your bottom line results.

Tailored strategies and solutions are devised to align with your organizational needs, preferences, and challenges, ensuring more relevant, practical, and impactful outcomes for the team and deeper impact on your people.

The journey enables your employees to gain deeper insights into their behaviors, motivations, and emotional responses, fostering growth, self-improvement, mindfulness, and enriched interpersonal relationships. 

The continuous learning, feedback, and bonuses ensure that your employees stay on top of emerging trends and maintain their transformative gains, fostering long-term sustainability and resilience in their work and life.

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The LeadershipLift 2024 Flow

Each session includes learning points tailored to your organization’s needs, interactive exercises for custom application, and multiple Results Roundtables to ensure each attendee has direct application and an action plan related to each learning point. 

We can create a “roadshow” or combine/expand sessions if you have multiple locations, can’t gather everyone together at once, or to fit your investment parameters. It’s fully customized to your needs.

Session 1

This opening session is designed to set up a powerful 2024 vision for individual growth tied to organizational goals. Participants will engage in assessments to understand their current state and the role of energy and resilience in driving forward. The session will explore methods to manage change, using energy as a cornerstone for personal and professional development now and in the future.

Session 2

Session two shifts focus to strategic planning, tapping into the confidence and inner power of each individual. This session will delve into mindset cultivation, teaching participants how to harness their internal energy for effective decision-making and goal setting. Interactive exercises will guide attendees in creating a personalized strategy for success and results.

Session 3

The third session is all about stress management and improving connections with others. It will be an engaging and fun session packed with stress-busting activities and techniques to foster better interpersonal relationships. Participants will learn practical ways to relax, rejuvenate, and effectively communicate, enhancing their ability to connect with colleagues and clients.

Session 4

The final session serves as a recap and review, focusing on identifying and overcoming potential roadblocks. Participants will discuss strategies to maintain momentum and stay committed to their goals. This session aims to solidify the learnings from the program and ensure that participants are equipped with tools to continuously grow and succeed as they move forward.


Teach your employees to present with power! If you want to elevate your organization’s client impact, industry reputation, and internal communication, it’s critical your employees have the confidence, delivery skills, and presentation savvy to connect with audiences. During this optional session we will dive deep into how to craft a compelling and engaging presentation that drives the listener to take action. 


Leadership Facilitation and Implementation

Separate leader and manager sessions to customize content, tailor employee activities, encourage engagement, and drive implementation of the learning points.

Mid-session Momentum Check-ins and Pep Talks

Get pep talks and video reminders between sessions to ensure you are taking action on what you learned and staying engaged with your goals, energy, and growth.

Always-On Advisory and Personalized support

Tap into email support between sessions for quick energy fixes, questions, or sharing updates. Kristen can also provide 1-on-1 support for an additional investment.

Action Handouts, Energy Hack Packs, and eBooks

Every session includes handouts, eBooks, and Energy Hack Packs to track progress, provide reflection, and drive engagement with the learning points over time.

Your Investment

Let’s transform your organization’s energy, elevate employee engagement and resilience, and embrace leadership with a year of fun and powerful learning!

We will review your organizational goals and challenges, time availability, and investment capabilities to create a program that fits your budget and team needs. Sessions can be expanded or condensed, delivered virtually or in-person, given multiple times to different locations or shifts, or any other dynamic required to ensure the team is engaged, excited, and energized by the LeadershipLift experience. 

When your employees are lit up from within they will have more to give to your organization, customers, colleagues, and themselves. LET’S GO!


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Why Kristen?

Kristen brings a unique synthesis of leadership development and holistic energy insight, ensuring employees don’t merely grow, but truly embody the 7 energies that drive resilience, leadership, relationships, sales, and results. 

Her deep corporate leadership expertise, Master’s education, personal resilience experience (big tragedies that earned her the name, The Energy Phoenix), and her ongoing excellence in her 30-year body of work as a keynote speaker, bestselling author, and advisor make her an elite high performer who advises others to take their lives to the next level too no matter what changes, stressors, or transitions come your way.

Kristen’s approach is an empowering blend of humor, stories, interactivity, data, and experiential learning.

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