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#36: When You’re NOT Invited to Happy Hour

PODCAST EPISODE – When You’re NOT Invited to Happy Hour

Not Invited PodcastWhen you work on a team there are a lot of dynamics and groups to juggle. Sometimes you can feel left out when you’re not invited to happy hour, you’re left out of a conversation, or you generally don’t feel like a part of the team. In this episode of The Happy Hour Effect podcast, you will learn seven ways to know why you might feel like an outsider at work and how to fix it.



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Here are seven reasons you might feel like an outsider – like when you’re new to a team or when you’re not invited to happy hour:

  1. You never stop talking.
  2. You only talk about work.
  3. You have bad breath or bad hygiene.
  4. You’re a Negative Nelly or Negative Ned.
  5. You only talk about yourself.
  6. You’re an unknown.
  7. There’s a difference in role/seniority.

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Kristen and her daughter live in Minneapolis and she will do just about anything for bacon.