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3 Ways to Be Awesome

3 ways to be awesomeLast week I asked you if you’re a jerk or you’re awesome and gave you five ways to know for sure. If you missed it, read it here.

This week I’m giving you five ways to elevate your personal brand and be simply awesome even when we feel cranky, overwhelmed or stressed.

  1. Dress to impress. I’m not saying you have to dress like a fashion superstar or wear over-the-top jewelry or make-up. Just add a little extra effort to your daily prep. This might mean wearing that outfit that always gets you compliments or wearing your best color. Maybe it’s upgrading your shoes from the comfy loafers to some stylish kicks. For ladies even a little extra lip gloss or cute earrings can add a little swing to your step. When you look awesome you feel awesome so step it up.
  2. Leave the building. Yep – just leave. If you find yourself going negative it’s time to pack it up for a change of scenery and change of attitude. If you’re at work, this might not be that simple but you can leave your office, leave a meeting for a bathroom break or take a break to re-set your mood and get back to awesome.
  3. Find your tribe. Who makes you feel great about yourself? Who makes you feel most productive, successful, attractive and energized? Hang out with them as often as you can. Who you associate yourself with helps elevate your personal brand so choose your tribe wisely. When you hang out with successful people you will feel more awesome about your life in the process. Click to Tweet.

It really comes down to CHOICE. You choose how you behave and present yourself to others. Instead of being the negative force in the room, spin yourself into the positive force that inspires the people around you to success. Not only will others feed off your energy and feel better about themselves, but you will naturally be perceived as an awesome person who people want to be associated with – and that is the goal of creating a powerful personal brand.

How do you put forth positivity into the world? Are you emoting awesomeness?



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