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3 Tips for a Great Speaker Video

speakingWhen I work with authors, business owners and other clients who want to get into speaking or grow their existing speaking business, there are many things that must happen to solidify your experience and effectiveness as a speaker.

I always recommend that new or inexperienced speakers start small. Click here to read more about getting started. Once you have some experience under your belt it is important that you create a high-quality and engaging speaker video that showcases your experience and ability to entertain an audience.

Here are three essential tips to include when creating your speaker video. You can watch mine here as you brainstorm ideas.

  1. Start with entertaining clips. Be sure to include your funniest, most impactful, most thought-provoking, most engaging clips that highlight your ability to entertain an audience. You must prove to the event planner that you are worth the time and investment. You can edit together several shorter clips into one longer video to really drive home your value.
  2. Add credibility boosters. Edit in additional content like media appearances, photos or voice overs to describe you and your work. This gives event planners a full spectrum view of who you are and what you have to offer the audience. It also elevates you above the competition if they are comparing you side by side.
  3. Include testimonials. Interview attendees after your events and include those video testimonials in your video. Real-life input from real people helps event planners feel more comfortable hiring you because they see and hear the impact you had on the audience.

If you don’t have video or editing skills, hire someone to create your video. It is well worth the investment because it elevates you above other speakers which can get you more gigs and higher paying gigs.

Once you have your video done, embed it in your website and blog, share it in social media, add the screenshot and link in your speaker info sheet, include a link to it in your email pitches and send event planners there to learn more about you after you’ve met them at live events.

Want more help growing your speaking career or need a recommendation for a videographer? Contact me for one-on-one coaching. kristen@brandivorous.com



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