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The Science of Setting Goals

Goal-setting can be overwhelming, exciting, scary, stressful and fun all rolled into one.  In this latest article from guest writer, Sarah Landrum of Punched Clocks, she outlines five ways to set goals that are scientifically-based – which means you boost your chances of success! Take a read and let me know how you set goals. Enjoy! […]

12 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well

Over the years I’ve had a few corporate jobs – some that were inspiring and fun and some that sucked my soul of all joy and hope. That may sound like an overstatement, but when you spend so many hours in once place, it’s inevitable that it will impact your life outside of the office too. […]

Surprising Facts About Stress

The way stress impacts our bodies, brains and lives is scary and astounding. But the great news is that stress is 100% controllable which means you have total reign over how it will play out in your life. It’s up to you if stress becomes a negative element that holds you back from happiness or […]

5 Ways to Have a Stress-Free Vacation

A couple weeks ago I featured a post on keeping your office organized from a fantastic writer and fellow lifestyle expert, Sarah Landrum. When she offered to do another article, I jumped at the chance and she is now going to be a regular contributor to the Happy Hour Effect blog! Woohooo! Her latest article […]

5 Stress-Less Office Organization Tips

I’m an admitted messy person. Well – maybe messy isn’t the right word. It’s more like organized chaos – and it’s in very specific areas of my home – my office being the main one. I know where things are (usually) but it sure doesn’t look very pretty. For 2015, one of my goals is to […]